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Blackberry Jam

1kg blackberries (try to use fresh ones including some which are not so ripe as these set better than over-ripe ones) 50ml water 1.5 tablespoons lemon juice 1kg sugar Put … Continue reading

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Great Granny Patterson’s Goat’s Milk Ice Cream Recipe

Ingredients 1 pint milk 4oz sugar 1 rounded dessert spoonful cornflour 1egg vanilla  Method Cook the milk, sugar and cornflour (mixed separately with some of the milk before adding to … Continue reading

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Great Great Granny’s Famous Tablet

Ingredients 4oz margarine (eg stork baking spread) 1 teacup water 1 teaspoon vanilla essence (essence, not flavouring, makes it much tastier) 2lbs granulated sugar 1 small tin condensed milk Method … Continue reading

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Apple Marshmallow Pie – part 2

I think I ran out of posting space so am having to write the second half of this recipe in another blog piece …. So Stew the apples in the … Continue reading

December 31, 2014 · 2 Comments

Apple Marshmallow Pie – part 1

Ingredients 6oz short crust pastry (or make more and do some mincemeat or jam tarts while you’re at it!) 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 2-3 oz granulated sugar 1lb (I used … Continue reading

December 31, 2014 · 1 Comment

Mull Little Theatre Cakes

A quick post for Carolyn, magnify yourself, it pixelates too much when i enlarge it on here. If its illegible then i will type it up tomorrow, in the long … Continue reading

December 15, 2014 · 3 Comments

Morningside Farmers’ Market

Originally posted on Unregarded Edinburgh:
Tucked away round the back of Merlin Public House on Morningside Road is one of the more secret Farmer’s markets in Edinburgh, and one of…

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Butterscotch Pie

A popular recipe of my Mum’s since my own childhood, now posting for next generation to feed to my granddaughter! Ingredients 4oz cornflakes 1oz granulated sugar 8oz Demerara sugar 1oz … Continue reading

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Cleaning a demijohn

Henry Robb’s Shipyard A blog about the history of and workers who served at “the yaird”  Well, I’ve discovered another use for “vanish” the whitening powder allegedly for washing machines … Continue reading

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Cleaning burned food off lasagne dishes, pots,casseroles etc

Quick simple tip for cleaning burned food off dishes, especially ones that you’ve reheated so are really baked on with immovable food. 1. Soak once it’s cooled down in squeezy … Continue reading

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